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Here’s your 30 second description of CrossFit Mystic…

As gym owners, we don’t just run a business. We are AS committed to your success as you are. Your success is whatever you want it to be, and we will support you. We have created a community that will support you. On day one we are all strangers, but believe us, that doesn’t last for long. You will make friends. Fitness will be fun, challenging, and rewarding. The gym may become the best hour of your day – and we are happy to make that happen for you.

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What we offer…

The main curriculum behind CrossFit is what’s called a General Physical Preparedness program. You may question it, but as a fully scalable program, anyone can do it. Participants range from high school, college, or professional athletes to sedentary men and women aiming to lose weight and everyone in between. We’re all athletes – it’s just a matter of showing up and working toward attaining our true genetic potential.

We offer classes all throughout the week and recommend a sustainable amount of training. What we mean by this is that our coaches see to it that you train only as much as you are able to recover from. Balance is key.

We think differently…

CrossFit is the modality with the goal of making you fit. Then you may ask, what is fitness? CrossFit defines fitness as  “increased work  capacity   across  broad  time  and  modal  domains.”  It’s actually quite scientific. However, fitness can also be thought of as how WELL you are.

Are you sick often? Injured? Overweight? Nutritionally unaware? If so, you are not WELL.

We want to change that.

Introducing you to complex movements when you are not ready or have disordered movement patterns can lead to injury and will not lead you to wellness; it will not make you fit. This is counterproductive and will not happen at our gym. The trainer’s job at CrossFit Mystic is to build a strong foundation in basic movements, greatly reducing the chance of any type of injury. This leads back to the universal scalability that CrossFit preaches. It goes beyond scaling because you are new and digs in to make sure we get it right from the start.

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