Health and Wellness Services

At CrossFit Mystic, we provide a full range of services – well beyond just offering a space to get your sweat on.

Fitness Options

  1. Group CrossFit classes

  2. Group CrossFit Lite classes

  3. Personal training

  4. Olympic Weightlifting coaching

  5. Goal setting and personal programming

Nutrition Options

  1. In-house Fitness Nutrition Specialist

    1. Mary Banks, FNS
      1. Nutrition counseling
      2. Meal and/or macro-nutrient plans
        • Including, but not limited to: weight-loss, maintenance, sport performance, and muscle gain
        • Available now. Inquire at
      3. Monthly nutrition check-ins and counseling
        • Currently on waitlist only
  2. Kettlebell Kitchen

    • Delicious, paleo, and clean meal offerings. Their chefs cook up healthful, goal-focused meals from the best produce and ingredients possible. Delivered twice a week – fresh – to CrossFit Mystic!
  3. Progenex supplements

    • This is the protein we as owners and coaches take. We never sell anything we don’t believe in. Learn more at their site. Recovery and More Muscle protein powders available at the box.
  4. Lurong Living supplements

    • Lurong Living Essential is a natural whole food containing only one ingredient: Deer Velvet Antler. Regardless of how clean or lean you eat, we are all deficient in the nutrients that essential provides. Give your body the fuel it needs to function optimally. Again, we as owners and coaches have been taking this for years.
  5. Advocare supplements

    • We provide the full range of Advocare products, but stock fish oil, Spark, and vitamins regularly.