Below you’ll find information on the different levels within our program. We will post one “Workout of the Day” every day that all group classes will do. Within that you’ll see the variations for METCON and PERFORMANCE. The Beginners Fundamentals course a separate program and is treated on an individual basis.


Two options:

  1. Fundamentals – New to CrossFit? Don’t worry, we have a program just for you. In our Beginners Fundamentals Program you’ll learn everything you need to start Group CrossFit classes. This is a series of 2-5 classes meant to teach you the basics of CrossFit, allowing you to quickly and easily assimilate into the group class structure. This is required for anyone new to CrossFit. Learn more about this program here.
  2. CrossFit Lite – This is a 40 minute class that holds CrossFit’s backbone philosophy of constantly varied training at high intensity, but keeps complex movements such as Olympic weightlifting and heavy barbell movements aside. This program is perfect for someone wanting the community of CrossFit along with its proven and effective conditioning program without some of the more intimidating or complex movements. This program is also ideal for someone who wants to get their feet wet before moving in to our traditional CrossFit group classes. Additionally, this class is for anyone age 55+ or if you have an ailment/injury inhibiting you from doing many movements. No experience required to start.


If you are just starting CrossFit or just looking to get fit, our METCON program is a great place to grow and learn. Watch this video to get a good understanding. This program is intended for a new athlete, an athlete typically finding themselves finishing last, or an athlete preferring less complex movements. It is also ideal for losing weight, building cardio capacity, and developing a strong foundation for strength and proper movement.

If you’ve read about our philosophy, you know that we do not believe in rushing into CrossFit, which can cause injury and frustration. Our main focus in this program is teaching proper form while building up strength and endurance. Movement quality is key. You will not find prescribed weights or technical lifts in the workouts; however, don’t assume that these workouts will be less demanding because of that. These workouts will still be scalable, meaning they can be made as easy or as difficult as needed per each individual athlete. If your goal is to move up to the Performance program, this is a great place to begin.

Standards: Athlete has completed the Beginners Fundamentals Program.


The Performance program is what you are more accustomed to seeing as a traditional CrossFit workout. It includes a greater degree of intensity and complexity than the METCON program. Workouts will include strength and conditioning, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, etc. The goal is to get you stronger, faster, and fitter overall. This is for the athlete who is able to RX many of the gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting movements, such as pull-ups and the snatch. Additionally, this is for someone looking to get stronger and push the boundaries of their fitness. The Performance program is a higher-skilled program, yet that does not mean it isn’t scalable. All prescribed weights and movements can still be modified in this program per each athlete’s needs. The goal is for you to have your best workout.

Standards: Athletes should be able to perform Olympic weightlifting movements with sound technique, have good body awareness and core strength. As such, this keeps them healthy for heavy lifting and dynamic gymnastics movements.


Set aside some time to discuss the competitors program with a coach. We’d be happy to discuss your goals and see if this is the right program for you.

Standards: Athlete must be able to RX all CrossFit benchmark WODs. E.g. all basic gymnastics plus muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups, 155/105# cleans, jerks, and snatches, 275/185# deadlifts, 30/24″ box jumps, etc.


How do I know what level I am in?

If you are new to CrossFit, you will start in our Beginners Fundamentals program. From there your coach will be able to help you transition into group classes and what program to follow.

If you are not new to CrossFit, see the above standards to get a feel where you fit. If you are still unsure, one of our coaches would be more than happy to help you decide.

Can I jump between programs?

Generally, we prefer that you stick with one program for at least six weeks before moving to another. The idea is that without consistency it will be hard to measure progress. Additionally, you need to give the program enough time to work for you.

That said, if you have chosen a higher level program than you feel you can continue with, please talk to a coach about moving down a level. We want you to be comfortable and happy here.

When do I know to move from one program to the next?

You should always feel comfortable enough to have an open dialogue with your coach. If you are no longer feeling challenged in your program, it may make sense to move up a level.

Can I scale movements in these programs still?

Yes! CrossFit will always be scalable. Sometimes we don’t have a movement yet, but we have the majority of the movements listed in the WOD. There will always be a scaling option available. Some days we don’t feel our best. On those days it may make sense to scale the weight or complexity. Always talk to your coach if you feel like you need to scale a workout. Knowing when to scale makes a very smart athlete. Pushing yourself beyond what you can physically do is not only unsafe, but it is counter productive to your improvement.