Summer of Butts 2017

Everyone has been killing it the past few weeks with our squat strength cycle. Most of you have PR’d your 4, 3, and 2 rep maxes! We figured we’d give you a glimpse into our programming. Next week we will be looking to hit some new 1 rep maxes for our back squat on Monday and front squat on Friday! So be there! These strength increases will speak volumes in your performance in and out of the gym. 

We are then going to take a brief week off from heavy structured strength. Don’t worry, we will still be hitting it hard with metcons. The following week we are going to begin a new strength cycle, but this time it’s all about the glutes! Us crossfitters tend to get a little quad-dominant, leaving our hamstrings and glutes behind. Most of us will be fine, but these imbalances could explain knee and back issues if they arise. 

This is gonna be the Summer of Butts 2017! 

You’re welcome. 

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